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Office of Undergraduate Research
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Information for Faculty

Welcome, faculty members! We are so glad that you are interested in working with undergraduates on your scholarly projects. We are confident that you will find the experience valuable, productive, and rewarding, and we are here to help that happen. If you are looking for student research assistants, we can help you find them. If your students need some support, financially or otherwise, we can help with that. If you want to bring your student to an academic conference where one or both of you will present your work, we may be able to support the student’s travel. If you are looking for resources on the most efficient way to engage undergraduates in your research efforts or on effective mentoring practices, we have a network of resources to help, including faculty development events, guides and handbooks, online resources, and lessons of success from your John Jay colleagues. For more information on how the OUR can be of service, click on the below links.

The Benefits of Working with Undergraduates

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Effective Mentoring Practices