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Office of Undergraduate Research
Room 8.66.00, New Building
524 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019

9:00 AM-5:00 PM

Phone: 646-557-4718

The Office of Undergraduate Research does everything we can to promote and support students doing research with faculty members.

For Students:
We work with students at all stages of experience with research. Students who want to get involved with research but don’t know what is involved or how to get started should come see us. We can let you know what it is all about, what kinds of opportunities exist, and help get the process started. After students begin to get experience with research, we can be a source of information and financial support as students embark on their path as researchers. Finally, we help to publicize and gain recognition for the important contributions that our students make to the scholarly life of the college. For more information on what we do for students, click here.

For Faculty:
We also work with faculty as they take students into their research programs or creative endeavors. If you are looking for student research assistants, we can help you find them. If your students need some support, financially or otherwise, we can help with that. If you want to bring your student to an academic conference where one or both of you will present your work, we may be able to support the student’s travel. If you are looking for resources on the most efficient way to engage undergraduates in your research efforts or on effective mentoring practices, we have a network of resources to help, including faculty development events, guides and handbooks, online resources, and lessons of success from your John Jay colleagues. For more information on what we do for faculty, click here.

For the College:
The OUR staff is also engaged in working for institutional advancement in the area of undergraduate participation in research. Through our newsletter, this website, and our annual faculty mentoring awards, we aim to raise the visibility and recognition of the great work that faculty mentors do with their student scholars. In addition, we can help advise programs and departments that want to include research training or research-based courses into their curricula – this is a great way to introduce students into the world of research in your discipline. We will continue to lobby and advocate on behalf of undergraduates and faculty to increase recognition of the unparalleled value of undergraduate and faculty research collaboration.