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Whether for the Celebrating Student Research symposium, for a conference you will be attending, or for any other purpose, you may need to make a poster displaying the results of your research project. Printing this poster can be costly, so the OUR provides a free poster printing service to students doing research with faculty members.

Designing your poster:

Each discipline has different standards for what should be included in a research poster. Thus, you should work closely with your faculty mentor on the design of your poster, and look carefully at previous student posters in your area of research.

If you intend to use the OUR poster printing service, you must design your poster using Microsoft Publisher or Power Point. You can set the dimensions of the poster however you would like to, but it is important to note that the largest the printer can handle is 36" x 48". 

It is best if your poster does not include any identifications or specific references to the venue or conference in which you are presenting. This way, the same poster can be used for future presentations as well, and mounted for long-term display. Feel free to stop by the OUR for general help with designing your poster.

Please note: if designing with Power Point, it is HIGHLY recommended you use the following template. In the past there have been problems with the text stretching or becoming unclear when other templates were used.
Additionally, your poster must include a large, high-resolution John Jay logo in the top-left or top-right corner.

Printing your poster:

To print your poster, please email us at least two weeks in advance of when you need it. Include the poster in your email. If everything is okay, we will print your poster and you can pick it up when it is ready. If there are problems with the design or formatting of your poster, you may have to make revisions. Please be sure to double check your spelling before submitting your poster.