Protection Management and Public Safety


Public safety has become increasingly complex in the 21st Century. At John Jay College, faculty members bring together three allied fields of study – fire science, emergency management, and security – and are on the cutting edge of research in a wide range of security-related issues, including computing and public networks.

Spiridon Bakiras (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science) studies high-speed networks, peer-to-peer systems, mobile computing, and spatial databases.

Glenn Corbett (Department of Protection Management) serves on the Fire Code Advisory Council for New Jersey and is a former member of the Federal Advisory committee of the National Construction Safety Team.

Richard Culp (Department of Public Management) researches a range of issues including the management of public-private partnerships in criminal justice and competition and contract monitoring in the private prison industry.

Charles Jennings (Department of Protection Management; Director, Christian Regenhard Center for Emergency Response Studies) is the former the deputy commissioner for public safety for the City of White Plains, NY. He researches numerous topics, many related to public policy issues and the fire service.

Gerald Markowitz (Department of History) is a leading researcher on occupational safety and health and has published on the public health response to 9/11 and other public health crises.

Robert McCrie (Department of Protection Management) has written on protection management operations and is committed to radical reform of prisons.