Art, Music and Performance


The arts are thriving at John Jay College, and a number of faculty members are active producers and scholars of each of the art forms, from storytelling practices, to contemporary poetry and photography. John Jay scholars investigate the historical and cultural dimensions of aesthetic production.

Lisa Farrington (Chair, Department of Art and Music) is an accomplished painter and renowned historian of non-Western, African American, and women's art. Her 2005 textbook, Creating Their Own Image: The History of African-American Women Artists, was published by Oxford University Press, and won three major academic literary awards.

Richard Haw (Departments of English, Interdisciplinary Studies) is a scholar of American cultural history, specifically, visual and literary representations of urban America and the cultural history of New York, with a special emphasis on Brooklyn. He is the author of two books on the visual and cultural history of the Brooklyn Bridge.

P.J. Gibson (Department of English) is a playwright, poet, and short-story writer. Among her 30-plus plays, Long Time Since Yesterday has alone upwards of 30 productions. She has received a Shubert Fellowship and a playwriting grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, among other honors.

Benjamin Lapidus (Department of Art and Music) is widely regarded as a virtuoso of the Cuban tres and guitar, as well as an expert on the history and culture of Spanish and Caribbean music. He is the author of Changüí and The Roots of The Cuban Son in Guantánamo (2008) and the leader of the Latin jazz group Sonido Isleño.