Graduate Studies Policies and Procedures: Student Forms

The forms and policy documents were prepared by the Office of Graduate Studies for all students in the Master's degree programs.


  • Advanced Certificate Completion Application [GS.001.20]
  • Advanced Certificate Enrollment Application [GS.001.21]
  • Affiliation Agreement [GS.001.1]
  • Application for Readmission - Graduate Studies [GS.001.14]
  • Course Waiver Approval [GS.001.2]
  • CUNY E-Permit Approval [GS.001.4]
  • External Credit [GS.001.5]
  • Form for Submission of Graduate Course Proposal [GS.001.9]
  • Grade Appeal Application [GS.001.6]
  • Graduate Independent Study Prospectus [GS.001.18]
  • Graduate Specialization Form [GS.001.16]
  • John A. Reisenbach Master's Scholarship [GS.001.8]
  • PhD Students Permission to Take Masters Courses [GS.001.11]
  • Prerequisite Override [GS.001.13]
  • Request for Transfer Credit [GS.001.17]
  • Undergraduate Permission for Enrollment in Graduate Courses [GS.001.12]


Reference Documents

  • Graduate Career Advising Brochure [GS.004]
  • Graduate Program Internship Guidelines [GS.005]
  • John Jay College Master's Thesis Deadlines Procedures and Guidelines [GS.003]

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