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In Students' Words

"The professor actually helps you with everything; asks questions like, What's wrong? Do you understand this? What tips do you need?"
–Student in FYS04-ETH 125

"The most fun part was us interacting with each other, making friends, and learning new stuff."
–Student in FYS12-CSL 112

"This class taught me the value of college work and showed me how to study effectively."
–Student in FYS06-SPE 113

If you are a second-semester freshmen who has not taken a first-year seminar yet, you must take one in Spring 2014.

If you are having trouble registering for one of these courses please go to Jay Express for assistance.

LC/FYS        Day & Time              Code     Professor    
AFR 123 T,TH 9:25-10:40 2861 Jones  
AFR 123  T,TH 12:15-1:30 2860  Jones
COM 155 M,W 10:50-12:05  2584  Beckett
ECO 170 T,TH 10:50-12:05 2811 Hamilton
ECO 170 T,TH 12:15-1:30 2828 Hamilton
GEN 140 T,TH 4:15-5:30 3329 Faunce
HIS 100 T,TH 12:15-1:30 2667 Umbach
LLS 100 T,TH 10:50-12:05 2929 Roure
LLS 100 T,TH 12:15-1:30 2930 Roure
PHI 102 T,TH 10:50-12:05 2569 Ficek
PSY 141 M,W 4:15-5:30 3324 Grose-Fifer

What is a Justice Core First Year Seminar?
A First Year Seminar (FYS) is a required general education course that all first-year students to take. The FYS course, with a focus on Justice and the Individual, will not only introduce you to the unique mission of John Jay College, but will also give you an opportunity to explore this mission in a small class setting with other first-year students. Along with exciting, hands-on coursework, you will get to know John Jay College and participate in activities designed to develop the skills you need to succeed here. Each FYS is taught by supportive and enthusiastic faculty members who have designed course topics around their particular expertise and interests. An FYE Peer Mentor will be available for advice and support.

What's unique about a First Year Seminar?
Smaller class size
 Outstanding professors 
Strong support network of faculty and staff
Exposure to the college community and resources
Greater academic success