Apply for Graduation

Graduation Application Deadlines:



To apply for graduation:

1. Log into your CUNYFirst account at

2. Verify your John Jay email address so we know where to send you information. Click Self Service >> Click Personal Information >> Click Email Addresses. Check off your JOHN JAY email address to be your PREFERRED email address. Click Save

3 Navigate to Self-Service >> Student Center

4. Locate the drop-down menu to the left of your class schedule, it will be labeled “Other Academics,” click on it

5. Choose the item “Apply for Graduation” and then click on the circle to the right to proceed forward

6. Ensure you are applying for the correct program of student

7. From the drop-down menu, select from the available terms you wish to apply for. Students can only select one term and only from what is shown.

8. Click continue

9. Click On “Submit Application” to send your graduation application to the Registrar’s Office

*Please note:  To apply for graduation Undergraduates must have completed at least 90 credits and Graduate students must have completed at least 27 credits. Students who fail to file an application for their degree by the above deadlines, will not be eligible to participate in the Commencement Ceremonies. In addition, all students who have filed for graduation must be CLEARED by the Registrar. Please check your email for any correspondence from the Registrar's Office.**

If you need assistance filing your graduation application on CUNYFirst, please click here for step by step instructions.

Once you have submitted your graduation application:

  • If you have already submitted a graduation application, you may check your status via CUNYFirst. To view the status of your application, log into your CUNYFirst account > click Self-Service > click Student Center> click My Academics > click View My Graduation Status. Below is an explanation of the codes that may appear on your screen:
    • Eligible to Apply: Students who completed or will have 90 credits completed by the end of Fall 2014.
    • Applied: Student has applied for graduation. Review is in process, there is no further paperwork to
      be submitted.
    • Pending: Student record was audited for degree completion. Degree will be conferred at the end of the semester, pending final grades. Student can participate in Commencement ceremony. *The pending code will remain on the student record until the end of the semester. Once final grades have been posted, a second review will be completed.
    • Approved: Student record shows all grades posted and requirements have been met. Student is
      eligible for degree. Student can participate in Commencement ceremony.
    • Denied: Student record was audited and the student did not meet the requirements for the degree.
    • Awarded: Second review done, student met all requirements for the degree. Degree is conferred.
  • Check your John Jay email regularly. All correspondence regarding commencement and graduation will be sent only to your college email. It is your email address even after you graduate. If you need to reset your password, please contact the HelpDesk.
  • IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to resolve any grade changes, make up any incompletes, and insure all other entries on your academic record are complete and correct before you graduate. Once your degree is posted, the college cannot make any other changes to your record, so you will need to communicate any updates to the Office of the Registrar before your degree is posted including the declaration of minor
  • Transfer Students: Please make sure that your FINAL transcripts from your previous institution(s) have been submitted and are on file. Your Associates Degree and/or previous credits should show up on your unofficial transcript which can be accessed via CUNYFirst.

More information regarding eligibility:

  • Candidates for the baccalaureate degree must complete at least 120 credits and all their necessary degree requirements. Associate degree candidates must complete at least 60 credits.
  • Candidates for the baccalaureate and associate degrees must have a 2.0 GPA for graduation.
  • Candidates for Master's Programs must have a 3.0 GPA for graduation. All credits and other degree requirements must be completed within eight years. For the number of credits and specific requirements, refer to each program description.
  • Participation in the annual spring commencement ceremony is accorded to students who have been awarded the associate, baccalaureate, or master's degree the previous August or February and to students who are certified by the Office of the Registrar to complete their degree requirements by the end of the spring semester.
  • Students who have filed for graduation and have two courses or less to complete their degree requirements at the end of the spring term following the annual spring commencement, as certified by the Registrar's Office, may attend the Graduation ceremony if all four of the following conditions are met at the time the Office of the Registrar certifies the candidates for graduation:
    • The student has filed the application for his or her degree by October 31, 2015 for Fall graduates or March 1, 2015 for Spring graduates deadline 
    • The student graduation application has been cleared by the Registrar's Office they are CLEARED to graduate.  
    • The student has registered for and paid for the required course(s) for the summer session.
    • The student has a minimum GPA of 2.00 (3.00 for graduate students).
  • Students who are prospective summer graduates would be listed as such in the graduation program.
  • Candidates for degrees are reminded that grades of INC assigned during the last semester of attendance in courses required for graduation will result in the postponement of graduation.