A review sheet should never be the only tool you use to prepare for the departmental final. Review sheets are made available to the MSRC through the generosity of the individual faculty who prepare them. Neither the faculty nor the MSRC guarantees that the small number of problems on these sheets represents every type of problem that could appear on your final exam. Knowing how to do all of the problems on a review sheets does not guarantee that you will earn a passing grade. Remember, if it's in your syllabus, it could be on the final whether or not it's on the review sheet. Solutions to these problems will not be posted. However, you are welcome to print any of these review sheets and bring them to your next tutoring session.


The review sheets below are the ones we will be using in the final exam review sessions for Spring 2014. To view the scheduled exam review sessions for Spring 2014, click here. If you are attending one of these review sessions, please print the appropriate review sheet.  It helps to try the problems before the  review session so you know what questions you have.  Generally speaking, "Part I" sessions will cover problems from the fist half of the review sheet, and "Part II" sessions will cover problems from the second half of the review sheet.

We will upload review sheets soon!

Math 104: Math 104 Review Sheet (We are not holding Math 104 Review Workshop. However, you are welcome to attend Math 105 review sessions. Please keep in mind that the Math 105 Workshop covers additional material and advanced Math 104 topics.)

Math 105: Math 105 Review Sheet

Math 108: Math 108 Review Sheet

Math 141 : Math 141 Review Sheet

Math 241: Math 241 Review Sheet

Math 242: Math 242 Review Sheet (For this workshop we are using the Fall 2013 review sheet.)



Last updated: 05/14/2014