Writing Fellow Projects 2010-11:

Jessica Wells Cantiello
Jessica spent 2010-11 working with the First-Year Experience (FYE) Program, headed by Kate Sjur.  Primarily, Jessica was in charge of three projects: running J Bloggers, a blogging site for first-year students, organizing FYE’s E portfolio initiative, and revamping the FYE website. 

Isabel Cuervo
Isabel was assigned to three different faculty members in three separate departments: she worked with Professor Anthony Carpi from The Science Department, Professor Roger McDonald from Political Science, and Professor Tim McCormack from English.  With Professor McCormack, Isabel focused on assessment of the Writing Program, and with professors Carpi and McDonald she focused on the development and assessment of their writing assignments.  Isabel reviewed their assignments and students’ responses, developed and ran faculty development workshops, and engaged in syllabi and student writing reviews.  She also assisted the WAC coordinator in revising the WAC website and assessing the WAC program. 

Evan Friss
For the second year in a row, Evan was assigned to the Interdisciplinary Studies Department (ISP).  Building on the project he began last year, Evan continued to work in ISP’s in-house Writing Center as he has also begun new projects.  He researched reading pedagogy and created faculty workshops based on his findings; he created a faculty handbook for reading and writing pedagogy, and he helped faculty develop and revise their scaffolded writing assignments. 

Erin Lee Mock
Erin Lee worked with the WAC coordinator and Professor Livia Katz, the director of the Writing Center.  With Professor Katz, she piloted an assessment project for the Writing Center, assessed the Center’s outreach to Writing-Intensive faculty members, and developed and led writing workshops.  With the WAC coordinator, she served as an integral part of the creation and implementation of a three-pronged WAC assessment pilot. 

Linda Neiberg
Linda was assigned to work with Professor Bettina Carbonell and the other faculty members of the Justice Studies program.  Throughout the year, Linda assisted various faculty members as they assessed HJS 415, the Senior Capstone course.  She focused her work on assessing the theses written by the capstone students through the use of a rubric, which she also helped design.  Linda also worked with the WAC coordinator to spearhead the revision and expansion of the Writing Across the Curriculum website. 

Amanda Springs
Amanda spent most of the year working with the First-Year Writing Program; specifically, she assisted Professor Tim McCormack as he assesses ENG 101 and 201, the two-course Composition sequence required of all John Jay undergraduate students.  As part of that work, Amanda participated in a syllabi review for both courses, and has helped create an assessment rubric that will be used to review students’ work in 101 and 201.