The MSRC Math Refresher: Brush Up on the Basics with PLATO!

What is PLATO?

Plato is a web-based math tutorial program that allows you to review basic math and algebra skills at your own pace, on your own time, wherever there is an internet connection.

Who can use PLATO?

PLATO is available for use by any John Jay student. You do not have to be registered for a math class to use PLATO. In fact, PLATO is especially useful for students who want to review some basic math topics before taking their next math class. It's also excellent preparation for the Compass exam.

How do I get started?

Download the and send an email from your John Jay email address to to request the Course ID and Course Password in order to self-enroll in PLATO. We will send this information to you via email reply so you can copy and paste directly into PLATO and prevent typographical errors.