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I was drawn to student advising after realizing what a difference being correctly informed and goal-oriented makes in a student's life. As an advisor, I hope to put students at ease, help them get a clearer picture of the years and work ahead, and through this, have them succeed and move ahead in life confidently.

I am now studying for my master’s in Forensic Psychology here at John Jay. I came to the United States as an international student from Finland. I received my BA in Sociology/Criminal Justice from California State University Northridge after I transferred from a small community college in Illinois. Because I experienced the transfer process throughout my own college career more than once, I found the help of academic advisors to be a crucial component in a successful experience wherever I've gone.

I've even gone through the process of applying to John Jay as a transfer student back in my undergraduate years, which I believe is an added bonus in my work with the Justice Academy and transfer students today.

As a recent addition to the Justice Academy staff and the Academic Advisement Center, I'm here to learn just as I am here to help and advise, and I'm a strong believer in two heads being better than one, when it comes to both working with other advisors and, most importantly, the students.

Tanja Dejanova
Adviser/Program Coordinator
CUNY Justice Academy,
John Jay College of Criminal Justice