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nullCassandra Evans
Associate Director for Transfer Advising

I landed at John Jay College April 2011 from San Diego, California, where I worked for four community colleges as a transfer academic advisor, disabled student services specialist, philosophy instructor, service learning coordinator and grant writer.  I have a BA in journalism, an MS in rehabilitation counseling, and an MA in philosophy.

As a former transfer student myself, I am thrilled to assist Transfer Students in transition here at John Jay College.  I can relate to the questions and struggles students transferring across town, across the continent or around the globe face.  I transferred from Western Washington University to San Diego State University as an undergraduate, then from California to New York as a professional, so I know how daunting an educational and geographical move can be. 

Rest assured:  We are here to help you figure out how to have all of your credits evaluated, how to interpret your transcript evaluation, and how to map out the remainder of your academic journey.  Our staff recognizes that transferring schools takes courage and patience.  We are dedicated to helping you navigate your way through the maze of educational options you face.  No matter what, every step you take along the way, each stop you have made, adds value and character to you as a student and future professional.

Please come to tell me about your travels soon—whether you transferred from a different borough or a different continent.  I look forward to meeting you and hearing where you’ve been!