Berlyn Morales


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Berlyn Morales 

I completed my undergraduate degree in Forensic Psychology here at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In 2007, I began working at the Academic Advisement Center, formerly known as Freshmen Services, as a peer mentor. I absolutely loved this job because I was able to further connect myself to the John Jay community and was now in a position to help other students do the same. At the end of my contract in July 2010, I left AAC and am now back as a college assistant/junior advisor.   

 John Jay has been a major stepping-stone in my life. I have come to know so many amazing people here that have truly been an asset to my growth. I plan on applying to a Graduate program in Speech Pathology. Yes, this seems a bit off track from the "Criminal Justice" arena. However, my experience at John Jay allowed me to see how a career in speech pathology could possibly serve as a preventive measure of crime. I look forward to continued work JJAY students, staff and faculty. 

Berlyn Morales