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Law School Application Timeline

Freshman Year

  • Make an appointment with a Pre Law Advisor early in the year to discuss course selection, majors, minors and extracurricular activities
  • Join the John Jay College Law Society
  • READ, READ, READ: Newspapers such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal are especially instructive and an excellent way to build vocabulary and hone reading skills
  • Concentrate on maintaining a strong GPA: Ideally it should be 3.5 or above.  It is extremely difficult to get into law school with a GPA below 3.00.
  • Register with
  • Attend Pre Law Boot Camp I
  • Apply to Pre Law Preparatory Programs

Sophomore Year

  • Start the year by making an appointment with your Pre Law Advisor to review your first year experience and plan for the upcoming academic year
  • Take the practice LSAT exams administered at the college twice each semester
  • Explore summer internships
  • Develop relationships with professors who will be able to write substantive recommendations in support of your law school application
  • Keep working on your GPA
  • Start working on your personal statement
  • Apply to Pre Law Preparatory Programs

Junior Year

  • Work very closely with your Pre Law Advisor throughout your junior year
  • Go online to and access the registration packet
  • Register online with LSAC Credential Assembly Service by November
  • Prepare for the LSAT and sign up for a prep course.  Devise a weekly study schedule which allows you to study 20 to 30 hours each week.
  • Research law schools you are interested in
  • Attend the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) Forum in the fall
  • Ask faculty for letters of recommendation
  • Register in February for the June LSAT or make a decision to take the October LSAT (register in May)
  • Attend Pre Law Boot Camp II
  • Complete your personal statement and have it reviewed by a Pre Law Advisor

Senior Year

  • Make an appointment with a Pre Law Advisor to make sure that all your application material is complete and ready for review by your advisor
  • If necessary, take the October LSAT
  • Attend the LSAC Law School Forum
  • Submit completed faculty letters of recommendation to LSAC by October
  • Complete your applications online by November 15th at the latest
  • Send an updated transcript with fall semester grades to LSAC