Exploring Your Options



  • Most people don’t know their college major as high school seniors.

  • Your college major will dictate your career. 
  •  I should choose my major first semester, freshman year.  

  • When I declare my major, I'm locked in.   
  • There is one perfect career for me.   

  • Choosing a major means deciding what I will do with the rest of my life.  
  • I should choose a major or career field based on what's "hot" in the current job market.  
  • Since I have general education credits and electives to complete at John Jay, I can wait until I'm a junior to figure out my major. 

  • If I take the introductory course in a potential major, I"ll know for sure it's for me.  
  • A major does not need to be directly related to a future career goal. 

  • Most college freshmen have a major and career path planned out.