What are the Social Science majors at John Jay, and why should I consider majoring in one of them?

When you study a social science, you examine society and human behavior with a more scientific approach than you’ll find in the humanities, though some social sciences, such as History, tend to combine both social science and humanities methods. In the social sciences, an important goal is to discover what is measurable about human behavior, so you can make data-supported generalizations about what it is to be human and the predictable consequences when certain social, political, economic factors and human psychology come into play. Though we mention a “scientific” methodology, social sciences are different from natural sciences because they focus on human behaviors and social systems, whereas natural sciences focus on the natural and physical world around us. Check out our social sciences; Anthropology, Culture and Deviance Studies, Criminology, Economics, Forensic Psychology, Gender Studies, Global History, Political Science, Sociology and Law and Society.

Culture and Deviance Studies
Forensic Psychology
Gender Studies
Global History
Political Science
Law and Society