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nullJessica Rivera 

Hello! I am Jessica Rivera and I have been working at John Jay for more than three years. As a prior student and an employee of John Jay, I have learned so much along the way.

Before becoming an Academic Advisor, I had the opportunity to participate in the Peer Advisor program at Academic Advisement. My time as a peer changed my way of thinking about education and pursuing goals. It taught me how to interact with others from different places as well as how to understand the various complications students have transitioning into college life.

Being a peer also strengthened my compassion for other students, understanding their long passage through the challenges of college, and, most of all, how to help students with this journey. Helping other students motivated me to be the best student I can be. Now I hope to pass on those skills to you through being an advisor.

As an International Criminal Justice (B.A) student I strived to understand the international arena in every way possible. I joined the United Nations team at John Jay and had the honor of being a Vera Fellow (2010-2011) during my senior year. The time I spent in both programs has made me a strong public speaker, a critical thinker, and very well aware of the current events occurring nationally and internationally. However, many asked, “If you love international criminal justice, why do you work in a college?” Well to answer that, it’s because I love helping students find their way. I love knowing that I can help entering freshman, transfer students, or any student to find their way.

After working as a Peer I saw that my passion for law is just as strong as my passion for higher education. After a year into my Master’s program in Public Administration, I realized that I ultimately want to continue making a difference in a college or university setting. That is why I am excited to have been accepted to Baruch’s M.S. Ed. program in Higher Education Administration to fulfill my passion.

Overall, I am a very friendly person who cares about the students I meet. I truly appreciate the opportunity of being an Adviser; it literally feels like a dream come true.

"There is no limit to achieving your dreams, other than yourself"