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Are you considering the thesis track?

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the requirements for the thesis track you may contact your Program Director Mechthild Prinz,  or send an email to

How to register for the Thesis Prospectus Seminar Course

Students are required to register for FOS 795 and FOS 796. On completion of 796, students must present the Thesis Sponsor Agreement Form to the Program Director to be registered for FOS 797. Students must submit a thesis prospectus in order to pass FOS 797.

Thesis Preparation

Please review the thesis guidelines and start working with your faculty advisor in preparing and complying with the stages of writing a thesis. The thesis guidelines are available through the Graduate Studies website at

Completing and Receiving Approval

Student must complete writing the thesis and receive final approval to receive the degree. The thesis must be approved by:

  • First reader, who reads and signs the approval page (see sample approval page),
  • Second reader, who reads and signs the approval page,
  • Final reader, Anne Lopes, Dean of Graduate Studies, who reads and signs the approval page after the requisite signatures have been obtained.

Third reader (optional) who reads and signs the approval page.

Note: The first and second readers must be full time faculty at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must submit a hard copy of your thesis with the approval page to Dean Lopes by the deadline. However, students are encouraged to submit their theses before the deadline. You must print your approval page on 24 lb. bond paper. You may print the final draft of the thesis on 24 lb. bond paper only after you have received approval from Dean Lopes.

Deadlines for Submission of Master's Theses to Anne Lopes, Dean of Graduate Studies

  • Spring Semester May 1st
  • Summer Semester July 31st
  • Fall Semester November 30th

Thesis Clearance from Registrar's, Bursar's and the Library

The student must do the following after having received the signatures from the Readers and the Dean:

  • Submit a copy of the approval page with the three signatures to Mr. Cheuk Lee, Associate Registrar, (Room 1280N). Mr. Lee provides student with the Clearance Form.
  • Submit the Clearance Form to the Bursar's Office (L2.70NB) and pay the binding fee of $ 30.00.
  • Submit the Clearance Form to the Library with two bond copies of the approved thesis to the Library (Tenth Avenue Lobby).
  • After the Clearance Form has been signed by the Bursar and Library, it must be returned to Mr. Lee.