The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT)

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The Center for the Advancement of Teaching
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Mission Statement:
The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) seeks to promote excellence in teaching and the scholarship of teaching at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. In partnership with faculty, staff, students, as well as other centers on campus, CAT works to provide continuing education and professional development and to enhance the culture of teaching at John Jay.

CAT aims to be space where faculty can reflect on their own teaching, learn about best practices and explore new modalities of assessment, pedagogy, and technologies to enhance their role as both educators and scholars. It is our goal here at CAT to facilitate a culture of dynamic teaching, engaged learning, and applied scholarship at John Jay.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • One-on-One Consultations: These confidential consultations provide faculty with opportunities to discuss teaching methods, ways to implement new teaching strategies, and innovative and effective pedagogical techniques.
  • Classroom Pre-Observations: CAT will come to your classroom before your formal evaluation, sit in on a class, and offer a comprehensive assessment of your teaching in advance of a formal peer observation.
  • Teaching Portfolios: We can help you develop and compile evidence of your teaching effectiveness, and assist you in developing your own best practices through inquiry, experimentation, and appropriate self-reflection.      
  • Course Design: CAT can assist with syllabus and course design of new courses, and the reworking of existing courses.
  • Student focus groups: We can meet informally with your students to gather their feedback on your course. This information is then processed with you during a one-on-one confidential consultation.        
  • Videotaped analysis: By videotaping your class, we can offer you an opportunity to observe and reflect on your practice through a different "lens" than when you're in the moment of teaching.