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 Fall 2008 Faculty Tech Fair
Monday, October 20th
9:00am to 2:00pm
Room 436T

The Following “Hands-On” Workshops will be offered:

9:00am to 10:30am
Pedagogy, Scholarship, & Word Processing: Working with Microsoft Word’s Review Feature

Scenario I:

You just received an e-mail from one of your students requesting help on one of the writing assignments. You download the Word attachment and start reading. As you go through the paper, you find that you want the student to expand on particular ideas or include citation information. Which Microsoft Word feature will help you help your student?

Scenario II:
You are involved in a CUNY-wide collaborative project. Each member of the group has made his/her individual contributions and now it is time to create the final presentation. How do you keep track of the changes made to each revision? How do you keep track of each member’s contribution throughout the process? As you move through the editing process, how do you keep track of the integrity of the original ideas? Which feature in Microsoft Word will make this process, and your life, easier?

This workshop will cover:

Comment Feature:

  • Inserting, editing and deleting comments in a Word 2007 document;
  • Turning the display of comments in balloons on and off;
  • Displaying the date, time, and the reviewer’s name in the comment;
Track Changes Feature:
  • Turning Track Changes On and Off
  • Accepting or rejecting changes;
  • Saving the final document.
  • Printing Track Changes
Please bring a CD or Super Drive with you to save your work.


11:00am to 12:20pm
Presenting with PowerPoint: An Introduction to a Dynamic Teaching Tool

Create vibrant slide presentations that will enhance and energize your class with PowerPoint 2007. In this “hands-on” workshop, you will explore the PowerPoint environment to learn “best practices” for making high-impact, unforgettable presentations that will capture your students’ attention.

This workshop will cover:

  • Introduction to the PowerPoint 2007 interface
  • Selecting the right slides and themes for your presentation
  • Inserting and formatting text
  • Creating a slide show

Please bring a CD or Super Drive with you to save your work.

12:30pm to 1:45pm
Bulleting and Beyond: Creating Effective Visuals in PowerPoint

Spice up your PowerPoint slideshow with visuals that captivate and inspire your students. In this “hands-on” workshop, you will be encouraged to move beyond the basic bulleted list and text box to create memorable class presentations.

This workshop will cover:

  • Selecting and Inserting Images
  • Importing charts into your presentation
  • Setting animations to your slides
  • Slide transitions

Please bring a CD or Super Drive with you to save your work.