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    January 27, 2015


 Fall 2010 Workshops


The following is a list of the fall 2010 workshops being offered through the Center for the Advancement of Teaching as part of the First Year Experience for new full-time faculty.



Intro to eRes/John Jay Library Resources
Tuesday, September 7th
1:00p – 2:00p
Led by Kathleen Collins, Librarian/Assistant Professor
Learn the nuts and bolts of getting your assigned readings/texts on library reserve—both electronic and print. Self-managing e-reserves accounts will also be demonstrated.

Addressing Academic Integrity
Plagiarism Policy, Turnitin.com, Safe Assign
Wednesday, September 15th
3:30p – 5:00p
Library Classroom
Led by Meghan Duffy, Director
Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Paul Wyatt, Director of Student Relations, Office of the Dean of Students
Helen Keier, Blackboard Support Services
This session focuses on John Jay’s policies regarding plagiarism and provides hands on instruction for using Blackboard’s Safe Assign and/or Turnitin.com.

Accessibility Services 101
Classroom Management 101
Tuesday, September 21st
3:00p – 4:30p
Led by Danielle Officer, Director of Office of Accessibility Services
Paul Wyatt, Director of Student Relations, Office of the Dean of Students
This session offers useful information regarding ways in which faculty can provide access to students with disabilities, as well as classroom management and student behavior. The law, basic guidelines, and procedures for working with students with disabilities will be discussed.

College Priorities and the Role of New Faculty
Wednesday, September 22nd
9:00a – 10:00a
11:20a – 12:20p
Led by Jeremy Travis, President
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
All new full-time faculty will meet with President Travis to learn about the priorities of the college, the President’s mission, and to discuss their experiences as new members of the John Jay community.

Faculty Personnel Process 101
Friday, October 1st
12:00p – 1:00p
Led by Kevin Nesbitt, Director of Faculty Services, Office of the Provost
One of the most critical moments in a new faculty member’s academic career is preparing for reappointment, tenure, or promotion. Learn about how these processes are handled at John Jay College and the available resources to guide you through these key moments in your professional life.



Learning Objectives and Frameworks for Feedback
Tuesday, October 5th
3:00p – 4:00p
Led by Virginia Moreno, Director of Assessment
Learning assessment is a faculty driven process that entails the systematic collection and use of evidence to support student success and guide curriculum review. Participants will discuss the learning objectives to classroom assessment link and the use of assessment results in curriculum review.

What is SEEK?
Wednesday, October 20th
4:15p – 5:00p
Led by Dara Byrne, Professor
Department of Communication and Theatre Arts
Whether or not you are currently teaching within the SEEK Program, this session is important in understanding who our students are. You will learn about the history and mission of this long-standing access program, which provides financial, academic, and personal support to thousands of students across CUNY.

Helping Students Decode Academic English
Wednesday, November 10th
3:15p – 4:30p
Led by Christopher Davis, Director, Center for English Language Support (CELS)
Students can become overwhelmed by the abstract concepts and dense language used in textbooks and other academic texts. This workshop provides participants with techniques for helping students decode the complexities of academic language.


The following is a list of fall 2010 educational development workshops that are open to all part-time and full-time faculty members.


Creating Your Teaching Philosophy
Wednesday, September 22nd
3:15p – 4:30p
Led by Dara Byrne, Professor, Department of Communication and Theatre Arts 2009 Distinguished Teaching Prize Awardee Professor Byrne will discuss her approach to writing about the teaching process and her experience in creating her Distinguished Teaching Prize application.

Journaling for Learning
Thursday, September 30th
3:15p – 4:30p
Led by Andrea Balis, Lecturer, History and Interdisciplinary Studies Program
2010 Distinguished Teaching Prize Awardee
The focus of this interactive session is the use of journaling as a pedagogical tool for encouraging reflective learning, as well as assessing the teaching and learning experience.


Thursday, September 16th
3:15p – 4:30p
Led by Adam Wandt, Deputy Chair for Instructional Technology,
Department of Public Management
Dropbox, a FREE secure cloud-storage option, allows you to better manage your workflow and protect your data. This session teaches you how to use Dropbox for file synchronization, file sharing, online backup, web access and mobile device access.

Going Green: Managing a Paperless Office
Wednesday, October 6th
3:15p – 4:30p
Led by Adam Wandt, Deputy Chair for Instructional Technology,
Department of Public Management Evernote is a FREE cloud synchronization option that maintains your digital files—stress free. In this session you learn how to use PDF with optical character recognition to scan your documents into Evernote. Best of all - your documents will be safe, secure and always available from any computer, web browser, and most mobile devices.

Turnitin/Safe Assign
Friday, October 15th
12:30p – 1:30p
Led by Meghan Duffy. Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching
Katey Garrigan, Educational Technology Specialist
Helen Keier, Blackboard Support Services
In this hands-on session, you will set up your Turnitin.com account and learn the fundamentals of using both Safe Assign and Turnitin to support student learning.


Learning Styles
Tuesday, October 12th
3:15p – 4:30p
Led by Janice Carrington, Administrative Director Office of Graduate Studies
Students who are aware of their own learning styles usually perform better. More importantly, students who are cognizant of their learning styles can use this knowledge to successfully complete homework assignments and to prepare for the next class. This workshop has been designed to introduce faculty to various learning styles in order to support the teaching and learning experience.

Vet Pedagogy
Tuesday, October 26th
4:00p – 4:30p
Led by Rosemary Barberet, Associate Professor Department of Sociology
In this session, Rosemary Barberet will present her research on curriculum, pedagogy, and the inclusive or exclusive nature of the classroom as perceived by military veterans.

The Reel Classroom
Monday, November 1st
3:15p – 4:15p
Led by Emmy Perryman
Many of the issues covered in criminal justice courses have been powerfully and effectively portrayed in films. In this workshop, we will explore ways of using films, both theoretically and practically, to enhance the learning experience.

Teaching Salon
Friday, October 1st
12:00pm – 1:00 p
Friday, November 5th
12:00p – 1:00p
Led by Meghan Duffy, Director of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching
The Teaching Salon provides a time and place for faculty to come together in an informal setting to exchange ideas about teaching and to share their strategies, methods and best practices.