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For students who enter John Jay as a freshman or transfer in Fall 2013 or after, the answer is a simple YES!

If you started at John Jay before Fall 2013 and can therefore choose between the old and new Gen Ed model, here’s what we suggest:

  • See an Academic Advisor in the Academic Advisement Center (L73 NB) to discuss which General Education model is a better fit for you, given your degree progress, your interests, and your professional/graduate school goals.
  • Use the Degree Works audit to confirm how many of the old Gen Ed requirements you’ve already completed and how many more you would still need to complete.
  • Learn how many of your old Gen Ed requirements will satisfy New Gen Ed requirements.
  • Consult with an Academic Advisor to determine which Gen Ed model puts you further ahead in terms of number of general education courses completed.
  • Consider what kinds of requirements you still need to complete in each of the Gen Ed models, and ask yourself which ones are most appealing to you (e.g. the old Gen Ed model requires two lab sciences while the New Gen Ed model requires one lab science and another non-lab science; the old Gen Ed model requires two math courses unless you skipped over one due to your CUNY Math test placement, while the New Gen Ed model requires one math course).
  • Ask yourself how comfortable you are with a lot of choice/flexibility regarding the general education curriculum:  the old Gen Ed model often requires specific courses such as SPE 113 and PHI 231, while the New Gen Ed model gives you lists of courses that allow you to choose how you want to meet certain requirements.