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My name is Eliana Cabral and I am currently lower junior pursing a BA/MA in Forensic Psychology.  This major caught my attention when I realized that punishment can actually be harmful and cause what it intends to deter. I would like to research what exactly goes on in a person’s mind when they decide to break the rules of a society, and how punishment changes or reinforces these thought patterns. John Jay one of the only colleges specializing specifically in criminal justice seemed to be the perfect place to explore these ideas. After earning my degree I hope to work with law enforcement to further explore criminal minds, and hopefully aid in their rehabilitation, and reintroduction to society.

When I am not running around in John Jay I am usually with my family, and trust me I when I say: my family is HUGE. I have more than 40 first cousins, and I have yet to count my second cousins. Dealing with so many different personalities has definitely taught me to be tolerant of different people and ideas, and given me A LOT of patience. One of the things that make me stand out in my family is my willingness to help, and that is something I have bought with me in the Academic Advisement Center. I hope I can help you make the most of your time at John Jay.