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Welcome to John Jay! My name is Christopher Gavin Jr. (Or, simply, Chris), and I am a proud member of the Academic Advisement family here at John Jay. In addition to being a staff member at the College, I’m also a student here, too, pursuing a dual bachelor’s/master’s degree in police studies and criminal justice, respectively. Now entering my fourth year at the college, I’m often asked why I chose John Jay. I can’t help but to think: “Why wouldn’t I have chosen John Jay?,” though in all seriousness, I actually discovered John Jay through what may be nothing other than fate or sheer luck. My high school law teacher, a retired veteran of the DEA, and the person I consider responsible for spurring my interest in law enforcement, actually recommended John Jay to me with the highest of accolades. Several years later, I found myself attending John Jay, and thus recommending the school to others with the very same enthusiasm.

As far as my future career goes, I like to keep things open ended. Yes, I would like to pursue a career in law enforcement, but I would also like to teach so I can try to give back some of what I have been so blessed to have learned over the years. However, I honestly couldn’t see myself teaching anywhere else other than CUNY. This is because I believe firmly in the premise that attainable public higher education will provide those who do not have the means to attend private colleges with the tools necessary to succeed just as well, if not better, than those with degrees from private universities. John Jay students work hard to be here, they make sacrifices to be here, and they appreciate the truly priceless nature of the education they receive here. My experience here, the people I’ve met, those I’ve learned from—this is what drives me to help others here, and what drives me to help push them to achieve to the best of their ability, and that’s why I’m here to stay. Again, welcome to John Jay, and to the experiences and memories you will have here. I look forward to working with you!