The Committee on Adjunct Affairs

Following an Initiative headed by Provost Bowers in 2011, the Committee on Adjunct Affairs was formed to address quality-of-life issues for adjunct faculty. While there are resources for faculty related to contractual and governance matters, this Committee--which has representatives from nearly every department on campus--addresses the complexities many adjunct faculty members face. These include:
-  "nuts-and-bolts" issues such as assisting new adjunct faculty with logistical issues
- navigating or lobbying for office space
- more complex matters such as feeling a sense of community on campus
- how to foster relationships with students if you commute between campuses
- fostering scholarship and continuing research, despite a heavy teaching load
- networking amongst the adjunct community
-  teaching concerns around course evaluation
- efficiency in time via virtual office hours
- maintaining course standards and meeting course objectives
- evoking interest in innovative methods of teaching
- showcasing faculty learning achievement

While this committee is new to our community, the enthusiasm surrounding its activities is exciting. If you would like more information, please email Jessica Kovler or Kevin Nesbitt.