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Study Abroad To NOVI SAD, Serbia
Summer 2013 (May 26-June 25)

“People’s Histories of the Present:
Writing at a Crossroads”
Directors: Maureen Brady Coyle & Professor Olivera Jokic

 (canceled due to low enrollment)


This is an intensive 28-30 day immersion program where undergraduate students will enroll in one course (3 credits).

Course description:

LIT/HIS 29X: Creative Non-Fiction
Novi Sad is the second largest city in Serbia, a country in central Europe. It is a center of culture, education, and economic activity for a region that has been shaped by dramatic political and social changes in the past twenty years.Serbia used to be a part of Yugoslavia, a country that disintegrated in the 1990s in a civil war. Consequences of that war inform the lives of those who live in the successor states.

Like other countries in the region, Serbia is undergoing a political, economic and cultural transformation. Aspiring to membership in the European Union, its cities are living laboratories where the central values of democratic societies are tested: justice, equality, transparency, and mobility. The lives of people in Novi Sad echo the events of the past twenty years: the end of the Cold War, the collapse of communism, the collapse of Yugoslavia, and the politics of nationalist identity and strife. Although young adults in Serbia have no recollection of Yugoslavia or the war, they live in a place suffused with memories of the country in which their parents and grandparents grew up.In order to understand how residents of Novi Sad live now, students will immerse themselves in the life of the city and study how scholars, literary writers, and ordinary people see the history of Central Europe, of Yugoslavia and of Serbia. They will find out how much of the history written in the books can be seen in the activities of the local population. They will make local contacts, take short trips, visit museums, conduct interviews, and learn from their sources what the role of the past can be in building a sustainable, hopeful future.

LIT/HIS 29X: ENG 201, LIT 230 or 231 or 232 or permission from the instructor

Field Activities:
Visits to cultural sites, churches and synagogues, museums, and local institutions that focus on key course issues. In addition to three weekend trips, the course will require visits to local landmarks and cultural shows, as well as trips to local markets and public spaces to experience and observe the daily activities and interests of the residents of the host city. Trips will include grade assignments and written reports.

The location is in Novi Sad, Serbia (city’s official page is at Accommodation will be at a small hotel. Students will be housed 3 per room, with a private bathroom and a kitchenette. Breakfast and ten additional meals are included in the program fee.

FINANCIAL AID/Scholarships:
Students should make an appointment with the Financial Aid office to discuss the applicability of their financial aid to this program.

Undergraduate students may also be eligible for a Study/Travel Overseas for CUNY Students (STOCS) Scholarship. Inquire at the International Studies and Programs Office for information about STOCS. If you are a John Jay student, you can apply for the Study Abroad Scholarship at John Jay College. Contact Michael Scaduto for more information at 212-237-8872 or

Further information:
For more information about this Study Abroad program, contact Prof. Olivera Jokic at

Applications and deadline:
Application are available from the Office of International Studies and Programs (1101-1105 North Hall), or click here to download application.

Application deadline: Monday, March 18, 2013.

INformation SEssions
1. Wednesday, March 6th Location: 7.63.41NB (English Department Conference Room)
2. Tuesday, March 12th Location: 7.63.41NB (English Department Conference Room)

Please call to reserve your seat by emailing

Estimated Cost for Program in Novi Sad, Serbia:

$ 690 (3 Credits at $230/credit)

ESTIMATED OUT-OF-POCKET (not included in program fee)
$ 1,000 Airfare
$ 500 Personal Expenses
$ 400 Meals (breakfast included)

$ 3,680 Total Cost for Undergraduate Student

*Program fee includes: Airport transfer, housing, breakfast, 10 additional meals, field trips, Wi-Fi, and health insurance.
**Tuition: Out-of-state students will be required to pay tuition at the out-of-state rate.