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The prerequisites for the IC&J program are an undergraduate statistics course, an undergraduate economics course and a total of 18 credits of prior social science coursework. Students who do not have these prerequisites should complete them during their first semester.

Students who have not yet completed an undergraduate statistics course are required to take the undergraduate STATISTICS 250 course. It is important to note that this undergraduate course will not count as credits towards a graduate degree and it will not be factored into the student´s GPA. Therefore, it is recommended that students take this course as a pass/fail option. The Pass/Fail Application is available online at: Students must successfully complete STA 250 before they are allowed to register for either ICJ 715 (Research Methods in International Crime and Justice) or CRJ 716 (Using Computers in Social Research).

Students who have not taken an undergraduate economics course should take the graduate course PAD704, Economic Principles for Public Administration. International Economics (ICJ701) cannot be taken until the student has completed this prerequisite.

Students who do not have the 18 required social science credits should contact the Program Director for advice on which courses will benefit them the most, and to be informed about what it takes to be successful in the program.