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Anthony Carpi
Associate Provost and Dean of Research

Dan Stageman
Director of Research Operations

Mashika Patterson 
Administrative Assistant 

Laura Lutgen 
Research Operations Assistant

Sandra Rutherford
Assistant to the Dean of Research

Office for the Advancement of Research
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Among the nation’s top scholars in a range of disciplines, our faculty and center directors drive change in how society frames, analyzes and acts on issues of justice. Faculty members connect their research with industry practices to drive real-world solutions, design innovative coursework and deliver new ways of thinking.

The work of many of our faculty has been published and recognized globally for examining social, criminal, economic and political consequences and implications of justice. Recently our scholars and faculty researchers have written a wide selection of books. The sampling here demonstrates a great variety in subject matter and theme: Brazilian Art Under Dictatorship (2012); Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock 'n' Roll (2012); Sexuality in Muslim Contexts: Restrictions and Resistance (2012); A Wild Justice: The Death and Resurrection of Capital Punishment in America (2013); and Gay and Lesbian Cops: Diversity and Effective Policing (2012). Authors and researchers have used the lenses of history, literature, cultures and philosophies to explain, and inform their work.

While our faculty researchers have a diverse set of interests and skills to lead research of a wide range of topics, many of them have focused on issues of crime, community safety, rehabilitation and correctional programs. A few of the ongoing research initiatives and scholarly contributions include Statistical Analysis of Toolmarks for Forensic Identification of Use in Criminal Investigations; Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children; The Violent Victimization of Sex Workers in NYC; and Intergenerational Transmission of Neglect and Abuse. Many research projects such as The Forsaken "Out-Laws”, which explores crime and justice among undocumented workers in a New Jersey town, as well as the “Don't Shoot Initiative,” are centered in various cities and local communities, and are focused on understanding issues of neighborhood crime and justice

Through their collaborative and multidimensional research projects, our faculty and staff bring together academia, government and industry to address key criminal justice issues.

Our faculty and staff have set up a number of programs, workshops and therapies using various academic disciplines to generate safer and more robust communities. Examples include the Prison to College Pipeline aimed at increasing the number of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people who go to college and succeed there; A Few Good Men, a prison arts program; and the Thailand Project which uses education and arts to engage and educate incarcerated women.