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Along with publishing in their discipline's top journals, faculty at John Jay write dozens of influential books every year. The Office for the Advancement of Research offers support for faculty authors through our Book Publication fund. To learn more about this and other internal funding programs, please click here.

Here is the most recent list of published books by our John Jay faculty

Stein, Abby. (2014). Cupid’s Knife: Women’s Anger and Agency in Violent Relationships. Routledge.



Umeh, Davidson(ed.). (2014). Protect Your Life!: A Health Handbook for Law Enforcement Professionals. Looseleaf Law Publications.


The Scottsboro Boys in Their Own Words: Selected Letters, 1931-1950. (2014). McFarland. Kwando M. Kinshasa.


Negotiating Sex Work: Unintended Consequences of Policy and Activism. (2014). University of Minnesota Press. Carisa R. Showden and Samantha Majic, Editors.


The Art of the Watchdog. (2014). SUNY Press. Daniel L. Feldman and David R. Eichenthal.


My Father's Wars: Migration, Memory and the Violence of a Century. (2014). Routledge. Alisse Waterston.

Hoefinger, Heidi. (2013). Sex, Love and Money in Cambodia: Professional Girlfriends and Transactional Relationships. Routledge.



Menzies, Charles & Marcus, Anthony. (2013). Anthropology for a Small Planet: Culture and Community in a Global Environment, 2nd ed. New Proposals Publishing.



Chermak, Steven & Freilich, Joshua (eds.). (2013). Transnational Terrorism: Selected Readings. Ashgate.



Shoman, Shlomo & Freilich, Joshua (eds.). (2013). Policing and Preventing Terrorism around the Globe. deSitter Publications



Kleinig, John. (2013). Professional Police Practice: Scenarios and Dilemmas. Oxford. Edited with P.A.J. Waddington & Martin Wright.



Maxfield, Michael& Babbie, Earl. (2013). Research Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology, 7th ed. Wadsworth.



Terry, Karen. (2013). Sexual Offenses and Offenders: Theory, Practice, and Policy, 2nd ed. Wadsworth.



Berlin, Adam. (2013). The Number of Missing. Spuyten-Duyvil Press.



Kynard, Carmen.(2013). Vernacular Insurrections: Race, Black Protest, and the New Century in Composition-Literacies Studies. SUNY Press.



Markowitz, Gerald & Rosner, David. (2013). Lead Wars: The Politics of Science and the Fate of America’s Children. University of California Press



Perry, Matthew. (2013). Gender, Manumission, and the Roman Freedwoman. Cambridge University Press



Pfeifer, Michael(ed.). (2013). Lynching Beyond Dixie: American Mob Violence Outside the South. Illinois University Press.



Haberfeld, M.R.& Sheehan, Dale (eds.). (2013). Match-Fixing in International Sports: Existing Processes, Law Enforcement, and Prevention Strategies. Springer.



Haberfeld, M., Von Hassell, A., & Brown, A. (2013). Modern Piracy and Maritime Terrorism: The Challenge of Piracy for the 21st Century. Kendall Hunt.



Haberfeld, Maria.(2013). Police Leadership: Organizational and Managerial Decision Making Process, 2nd ed. Pearson.



Gideon, Lior. (2013). Special Needs Offenders in Correctional Institutions. SAGE.



Klein, Irving & Morse, Christopher. (2013). 2013 Annual Analysis Edition of Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice Professionals, 4th ed. Looseleaf Law Publications.



Moskos, Peter & Moskos, Charles. (2013). Greek Americans: Struggle and Success. Transaction.



Panzarella, Robert & Vona, Daniel. (2013). Criminal Justice Masterworks: A History of Ideas about Crime, Law, Police, and Corrections (Revised printing). Carolina Academic Press.



Shane, Jon. (2013). Learning from Error in Policing: A Case Study in Organizational Accident Theory. Springer.



Van Duyne, P., Harvey, J., Antonopoulos, G., von Lampe, Klaus, Maljevic, A., & Spencer, J. (eds). (2013).  Human Dimensions in Organised Crime, Money Laundering and Corruption. Wolf Publishers.



Markus, Keith& Borsboom, Denny. (2013). Frontiers of Test Validity Theory: Measurement, Causation, and Meaning. Routledge.



Raghaven, Chitra& Cohen, Shuki (eds.). (2013). Domestic Violence: Methodologies in Dialogue. Northeastern University Press.



Roesch, Ronald & Zapf, Patricia. (2013). Forensic Assessments in Criminal and Civil Law: A Handbook for Lawyers. Oxford University Press.



Maras, Marie-Helen. (2013). The CRC Press Terrorism Reader. CRC Press.



Hendricks, C.O., Finch, J.B., & Franks, C. (2013). Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn: A Guide for Social Work Field Education, 2nd ed. CSWE Publications.


Both Members of the Club. (2013). Texas Review Press. Adam Berlin.

Sex Work Politics: From Protest to Service Provision. (2013). University of Pennsylvania Press. Samantha Majic.


What Works (and Doesn't) in Reducing Recidivism. (2013). Anderson. Edward J. Latessa, Shelley J. Listwan, Deborah Koetzle.

La Habana: Cartografia Culturales. (2013). Aduana Vieja. Raul Rubio.


Come Out Swinging. The Changing World of Boxing in Gleason's Gym. (2013). Princeton University Press. Lucia Trimbur.

 Fort Starlight. (2013). Engine Books. Claudia Zuluaga.


A Wild Justice: The Death and Insurrection of Capital Punishment in America. (2013). W.W. Norton & Company. Evan Mandery.


Comic Book Crime: Truth, Justice and the American Way. (2013). NYU Press. Staci Strobl and Nickie D. Phillips.







That's So Gay!: Microaggressions and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community (Perspectives on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity). (2013), American Psychological Association. Kevin Nadal.   







Outside Justice: Immigration and the Criminalizing Impact of Changing Policy and Practice. (2013). Springer Books. David C. Brotherton, Daniel L. Stageman & Shirley F. Leyro (Editors). 







Policing Across Borders: Law Enforcement Networks and the Challenges of Crime Control. (2013, forthcoming), Springer Books. George Andreopoulos (Editor).

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