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Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation are an enormously important component of any application. A strong letter testifies to your past academic performance, your reliability and promise. It is imperative that you give your recommenders a sufficient amount of time to write your letter of recommendation. You should give your recommenders the fellowship information as well as your personal statement and other relevant application documents. The more your recommender has, the better he or she will be able to describe your candidacy. Be prepared to discuss the reasons why you are applying for the award with your recommender(s). Also, be clear about submission deadlines and how the letter should be sent, either by mail or online. You should waive your access rights to the letter.

Be sure to ask faculty members who know you well and who have witnessed you at your best. Do not accept a mediocre letter. Your letter writers should be able to speak to your field and specify why you merit this award.

Upon submitting your application, send a thank you note to those who have supported your efforts. Let them know the outcome, especially if you receive the award.