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Thesis Track
Students selecting the thesis track must complete 30 credits of coursework. The thesis track includes 15 credits in the program’s core courses, 12 credits from elective courses and an additional 3 credits for the thesis prospectus. This option is available only to students who have completed CRJ 715, 716, and 717 with an average for all three courses of A- or better. Pursuit of the thesis track also requires permission of the program director.

Comprehensive Examination Track
Those who choose the comprehensive examination track must complete 36 credits of coursework and must pass the comprehensive examination. The Comprehensive Review Course (CRJ 793) is recommended but not required. If CRJ 793 is taken for credit, 18 additional credits of electives are needed. If you have not selected the Comprehensive Exam track, 21 credits of electives are needed.