Chemistry Minor

Description. Students who minor in Chemistry will learn fundamental introductory principles in general, organic and analytical chemistry. Individual course descriptions are provided under the course listings.

Credits. 21

Rationale. The Chemistry minor is significant for students who wish to pursue the pre-health professions and major in another area. It is an important minor for students considering careers in which a full science major is not required, but college-level science experience is required.

Minor Coordinator.  Professor Francis Sheehan, Department of Sciences (212.237.8951,

Note: Students who earn the BS degree in Forensic Science are not eligible to earn the Chemistry minor. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student's major, other minors or programs.


Please note:
These courses all have a laboratory component.

CHE 103**-104 General Chemistry I and II OR                                       

CHE 101-102 and CHE 104

**CHE 103 may also be satisfied by the equivalent sequence: CHE 191-192.
In addition, CHE 104 must be completed to satisfy the General Chemistry sequence. 

CHE 201-202 Organic Chemistry  

CHE 220 Quantitative Analysis or CHE 361 Inorganic Chemistry 

Total: 20-21 credits