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Rabat, Morocco Winter 2015

Winter 2015 (December 27th-January 17th)

Study Abroad To Rabat, Morocco

“Understanding Gender in Culture:
Women’s Self-Determination in Contemporary Morocco”
Directors: Maureen Brady Coyle & Professor Anthony Marcus

Morocco is an ideal place for this program for a number of reasons. First, the recent occurrence termed “Arab Spring” has rough many gender issues to the table in a way not seen before and allows students to experience it in real time. Further, Morocco is a modern Muslim country with a relatively lax censorship system which allows discussion of the above issues. Homosexuality is tolerated and laws against partner violence are comparable to any developed country. Recent legislative changes in Morocco also provide new and exciting data for students who are able to witness these changes as they occur through the experiences of fellow Moroccan students, scholars, and NGO’s. Finally, the historical and cultural diversity of Morocco, alongside with their hospitable and tolerant view of foreign visitors will also enhance student experience. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply.

undergraduate course:
ANT 332-
Class, Race, Ethnicity and Gender in Anthropological Perspective (3-credits) 

Students will examine and critically analyze theories and concepts of cultural anthropology, concentrating upon the intellectual roots and context that surrounded their emergence, as well as contemporary perspectives, methods, and theories. Theories and concepts include: ethnocentrism, human universals, cultural relativism, gender, material-, social- and symbolic-structuralisms, colonialism, (post)modernism, (post)structuralism, and neoliberal globalization. Students will assess anthropology the intersection of theory and methodology, exploring analytic approaches to socio-cultural phenomena and the research techniques used to study human similarities and differences across space and over time.

graduate course:
CRJ 724- Comparative Social Organization (3-credits)*
Please make sure that you obtain permission from either your major advisor or chairperson, of your department, before you apply for any study abroad program.

For nearly two hundred years “the West” has used the social organization of the Islamic world as an antipode for self-definitions of progress and modernity. Gender and sexuality have been key themes in this antipodal self-definitional process. However, the events of September 2001 have greatly intensified this dynamic and yielded political conflict, war, and changes in international law that have been justified, in part, by the mutually reinforcing stereotypes of a gender equal West and a patriarchal Islamic ummah. This course will expose students to the actuality of gender, as a form of social organization, in the Islamic world in order to draw a cross cultural comparison with similar social structures of sexual difference in “the West”. Students will gain a greater understanding of the lives of men and women in the Islamic world and a framework for developing cross cultural comparisons of social organization, especially around gender. While there will be readings and discussions about men and sexual minorities, the primary focus of the course will be on women and their social roles.

ANT 332
: ENG 102 or 201; and ANT 101 or instructor permission 
CRJ 724: Good Standing in a MA program.

Applications and deadline:
Applications are available from the Office of International Studies & Programs (1101-1105 North Hall).

Application Deadline:
Friday, October 17, 2014. 

Click here to download an application.
Click here to see the program flyer

However, qualified applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis until places are filled. Thus, due to limited places (15), students are encouraged to apply early.

Information Sessions:
1. Wednesday, September 3rd  
    2. Thursday, September 11th
    3. Monday, September 22nd
    4. Tuesday, September 30th
    5. Wednesday, October 8th
All information sessions will be held in room 1.99 New Building, during community hour (1:40pm to 2:40pm).

Click here to view the payment schedule.

Estimate Program fee:
$ 2,972

program fee includes the following:
Airport transfers in Morocco
International Health Insurance
All group transportation
Housing with host families in Rabat (including breakfast and dinner)
Lunches in Rabat
Two overnight excursions
Cell phones for each student (usage charges not included)
Farewell Dinner in Rabat
Survival Arabic instruction
Guest Lectures

not included in the program fee:
Airfare (Estimate $1,200)
2. Out of pocket expenses ($100 per week total of $300)
3. Tuition:
In-State Residents
            Undergraduate $780 (ANT 332) 
            Graduate $1,215 (CRJ 724)
Out-of-State Residents
            Undergraduate $1,605 (ANT 332)
            Graduate $2,235 (CRJ 724)
Non-degree In-State Residents
            Undergraduate $1,140 (ANT 332)
            Graduate $2,235 (CRJ 724)

*Graduate students, please note that if your degree is in Public Administration, you are required to pay a higher tuition. Please click here for more information.

Students should make an appointment with the Financial Aid Office to discuss the applicability of their financial aid to this program.

Undergraduate students may also be eligible for the SIROCS: Scholarships for International Resume-Building Opportunities for CUNY Student. Inquire at the International Studies and Programs Office for information about SIROCS or click here. If you are a John Jay student, you can apply for the John Jay Study Abroad Scholarship, for more information click here.

Contact Michael Scaduto for more information in regards to the John Jay Study Abroad Scholarship at 212-237-8872 or email at

This program qualifies for the Scholarships for International Resume-Building Opportunities for CUNY Students (SIROCS). Click on the Professional Relevance for more information.
Professional Relevance

Further information:
For more information, contact Prof. Anthony Marcus at, Maureen Brady Coyle at

These pictures were taken by Liner Nunez, participant January 2014