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The most recent five awards granted by OAR and the status of their associated progress reports are presented below. For a more comprehensive look at OAR sponsored projects, please click .

PI (s)


Date of Award & Type



Majumdar, Nivedita English Enhanced travel- 6.5.2014 $1,000.00 Delivered a lecture on "Marxism and Culture" at the Center for Marxist Studies in Delhi, India. Along with her research, this talk has helped her to work on the introductory chapter of a book project. She is also hopeful to write a single authored article for a peer-reviewed journal regarding the subject.

Elias, Nicole

Pub. Mgt.

Emergency Fund – 5.11.2014


Published a manuscript with Public Management Quarterly; has begun working on a project with the US Dept of State on Formulating new directions for diversity policy; will serve as a distinguished research fellow for two years at EEOC to evaluate the climate of federal agencies for LGBT employees.

Dreisinger, Baz


Enhanced travel- 4.8.2014




Spent 8 days research staff and prisoners of various correctional facilities, including aftercare & reentry programs, in Singapore and has thus far gained a great amount of material for her chapter.

Majic, Samantha


Book publication- 12.19.2013


Published two books:Sex Work Politics: From Protest to Service Provision; and Negotiating Sex Work: The Unintended Consequences of Policy and Activism

Hartwig, Maria


Seed money- 12.19.2013


Has received supplemental funding from a CUNY GC Doctoral Student Research Grant; will apply for an NSF grant proposal in Fall 2014.