The Academic Journey Roadmap
is a comprehensive plan to help you achieve the realistic milestones needed to graduate and find a career or enter a graduate program. This roadmap provides important information for each of your college years. You will gain the skills needed to CONNECT to the college community (peers, faculty, and staff, PLAN your academic path towards your career goals, and EXPAND your experiences through seeking out campus resources and events.

Find out how to achieve your:
Freshman Milestones
Sophomore Milestones
Transfer Milestones

Roadmap at a Glance
Freshman Year

Learn about campus events, opportunities, and resources
Clarify goals and create a plan that integrates academic and career goals
Start building relationships with faculty, peers, and staff

Sophomore Year
Explore majors and minors and get involved in campus life
Plan to apply for internships, scholarships, and other academic opportunities
Further develop your academic and professional networks

Junior Year
Explore opportunities / apply for internships and scholarships
Review and update your academic and career plan
Strengthen your existing networks

Senior Year
Research job opportunities / complete grad school applications
Complete capstone experience
Utilize your network connections