Sophomore Milestones chart your progress along the academic journey and help you focus on what matters most in order to successfully complete the sophomore year and prepare for the challenges ahead. The corresponding Sophomore Checkpoints are specific action steps you can take at critical points during the semester/year. Each step you take will bring you closer to achieving the sophomore milestones and ultimately your academic and career goals.


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Explore majors and minors and get involved in campus life
Clarify how your major connects to your career goals and personal growth. To distinguish yourself professionally, consider doing a minor, get involved in campus life, and build your leadership skills.

• Update your academic and career plan: meet with an academic advisor and
  a career counselor. Choose the major and minor that help you achieve your goals.
• Sign up for a Sophomore Signature course to connect with special opportunities
  only or sophomores.

Plan to apply for internships, scholarships, and other academic opportunities
Join an internship or special opportunity program to grow your academic and career potential. The extra effort will enhance your academic journey and strengthen your resume.
• Get a head start on the special offerings at John Jay in the coming semester: attend
  Sophomore Kick-Off on September 10, 2013.
• Start your application process early: attend an info session for the Honors Program,
  Study Abroad or other special opportunity program and make your selection early.
• Get connected to local agencies and businesses: join the CUNY Service Corps
  program and get a paid community-based internship.

Further develop your academic and professional networks
Start building your professional identity now and include outside professionals in your network. A diverse network can provide you with special opportunities and strong referrals.

• Build a mentoring relationship with your professors: speak to them after class, email
  them for feedback and advice.
• Develop a professional social media presence (LinkedIn, Facebook) that is in line with
  your academic and career aspirations.


Sophomore Checkpoint: Make Your Future Happen!
• Gain Work Experience - Attend the Career Fair | November 14, 2013 | 1:00 PM−5:00 PM
  Haaren Hall, 4th Floor Gym
• Prepare for Law School - Apply for the Pre Law Boot Camp | Application Deadline:
  December 9, 2013
• Connect Academic and Career Choices - Meet with an academic advisor (L73 NB)
  to discuss major and minor options that  complement your career interest

Sophomore Checkpoint: Are You Ready for Sophomore Opportunities?
• Plan your academic achievements, majors and research experiences
• Expand your résumé through internships, networking, and job recruitments fairs
• Apply to scholarships, fellowships and special opportunities programs
• Build your leaderships skills, community service record, and John Jay pride

Find a Sophomore Opportunity Specialist to develop your Sophomore plan.