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Meeting Your Milestones 
As a transfer student, you have accomplished a lot and now want to accomplish even more. This is why you’ve chosen John Jay: a John Jay diploma is part of your academic journey toward a successful and meaningful career. We, the staff and peer mentors in the Office of Student Academic Success Programs, are excited to be part of your academic journey. Remember that success is a journey, not a destination: With each milestone met, you’re getting better at being who you want to be.

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Become an active member of the John Jay community
Build relationships with peers, faculty, and staff to develop a network. This network will help you achieve your academic and career goals by letting you know about opportunities, giving you advice, and providing you with letters of recommendation.
Your Next Steps:
Get connected with the Transfer Club online and like their FB page.
* Email your student representative at the Student Council and let her answer your questions and hear your concerns.
* Speak with your professors after class and email them often: they are there to support you in your academic journey.

Review and update your career and academic career plan
Confirm your choice of major and consider doing a minor as a way of distinguishing yourself in your future professional life. Clarify the connections between your career and academic goals, experiences and strengths; that way you’ll be able to let your potential employers know what makes you the right person for the position.
Your Next Steps:
Speak with the major advisor at the department.
* Update your resume with the help of a career counselor and then attend the Career and Internship Fair on November 14, 2013.
* Take an elective class on professional presentation: SPE 209, Voice and Diction for the Professional.

Learn about and make use of campus resources and special opportunities
Enhance your academic experience and future success by utilizing campus supports and resources from day one. Select and apply for a special opportunity program and let that internship, research, or leadership opportunity make your academic journey more exciting and improve your professional prospects.
Your Next Steps:
* Sign up for and go on a campus tour with one of our transfer peer mentors.
* Take part in the Transfer Students’ Speed Networking event on September 12, 2013.
* Use your John Jay email on a regular basis to be in the know about upcoming SASP events and special opportunities.
* Visit our website to review the Special Opportunities and Events Calendar. For more information on campus resources, please turn to the back of this brochure or go to