Spanish Minor

Description. The Spanish minor is designed to make students proficient in spoken and written Spanish through language and literature courses that also present a cultural and psychological understanding of the Spanish diaspora.

An example of this is Spanish 212, an intermediate course in grammar and conversation, taught with the use of film and literature in which themes such as immigration, justice, nationalism, gender issues, prejudice, personal relationships and the importance of family are explored and discussed.

Rationale .In today’s global society, it is of paramount importance for students to study foreign languages and cultures.  If a student earns a minor in Spanish, one of the five most important languages in the world, they will be better prepared to compete in whatever major field of study they are pursuing at John Jay College.  Agencies such as the FBI, CIA, DEA, U.S. Customs Service, and the Immigration and Naturalization Service give preference and a higher salary to those who can communicate in a foreign language.  Minoring in a foreign language will assist students in becoming qualified to attain these positions.

Minor coordinator. Professor Silvia Dapia, Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (646.557.4415,

To complete the minor students must take 18 credits (six courses) in Spanish language, literature and/or translation beginning at the 200-level.  At least three 200-level courses, two 300-level courses, and one 400-level course must be taken.  Students should consult a minor coordinator for courses that are not available during a particular semester. A maximum of two courses can overlap with a student's major, other minor or program.

Note. A higher level course can be substituted for a lower level course but not vice versa.  For example, Spanish 320 can be substituted for Spanish 250.

Students have the possibility of receiving 3-6 credits for earning a score of four or better on the Spanish Language and/or Literature Advanced Placement Examination taken in high school.  These credits can be applied towards the minor in Spanish. 

PART ONE. REQUIRED COURSES.                  Subtotal: 9 credits

Required Courses for Non-Heritage Speakers   
SPA 201-SPA 202 Intermediate Spanish I and II                             
SPA 401 Contemporary Issues in Hispanic Literature                                     

Required Courses for Heritage Speakers                   

SPA 211-SPA 212 Intermediate Spanish I and II for Heritage Students                  
SPA 401 Contemporary Issues in Hispanic Literature                                             

PART TWO. ELECTIVES.                                    Subtotal: 9 credits

Select three 


SPA 320 Latin American Theatre: Taller de Teatro/Theatre Workshop
SPA 321 Introduction to Spanish Literature I
SPA 322 Introduction to Spanish Literature II
SPA 331 Introduction to Latin-American Literature I
SPA 332 Introduction to Latin-American Literature II

Legal and Translation/Interpretation

SPA 230 Translating I
SPA 231 Interpreting I
SPA 250 Spanish for Criminal Investigation
SPA 330 Translating II
SPA 333 Interpreting II
SPA 340 Legal Interpreting I    

Total: 18 credits