Public Administration Minor


Description. The minor in Public Administration examines decision-making, leadership and management in public agencies and non-profit organizations. It introduces students to the field of Public Administration, including its scope, content, literature and relationship to other disciplines. The supervision, planning and budgeting skills students acquire in the Public Administration minor will prove valuable as they advance towards a leadership role in any organization that helps carry out the business of government.

Minor coordinator. Professors Peter Mameli (212.237.8027,, Department of Public Management

Learning Outcomes. Upon completion of the public administration minor, students will:

  • Identify the core mechanisms of public administration, including the organization and management of human and financial resources.
  • Discuss the political, economic, legal and social environments of public policy and administration.
  • Explain the unique challenges and opportunities of providing public goods and services in a diverse society.

To receive the minor, students must complete 18 credits (six courses) from the following public administration courses. “Special topics” courses in public administration or public administration graduate courses taken by academically-eligible seniors can also be applied to the minor. 

Note: The minor in Public Administration is not available to students who are majoring in Public Administration.

Part One. Required Courses                                           Subtotal: 6 credits

PAD 140 Introduction to Public Administration (formerly PAD 240)
PAD 241 Information in Public Management

Part Two. Electives

Select four
                                                          Subtotal: 12 credits

PAD 260 International Public Administration 
PAD 314 Productivity
PAD 318 Decisions in Crises 
PAD 340 Planning and Policy Analysis
PAD 343 Administration of Financial Resources 
PAD 346 Human Resource Administration
PAD 400 Quantitative Problems in Public Administration 
PAD 402 Seminar and Internship in New York City Government 

*Students completing PAD 402 (6 credits) only need to take three courses

                                                                                            Total: 18 credits