Africana Studies Honors Minor

Description: The Honors Minor in Africana Studies provides a scafolded set of challenging courses that the Africana Studies Department considers essential as an introduction to the discipline and a basis for applying Africana Studies knowledge, concepts and methodologies to a student's major, profession, and/or graduate school studies. See Africana Studies Minor above for a fuller description.

Credits: 21

Eligibility: Overall GPA of 3.3 or higher, completion of AFR 123 Justice, the Individual, and Struggle in the African American Experience

Learning Outcomes for Honors: Students will:

Explain how and why selected methodologies of the social sciences and humanities differ, and are utilized in Africana Studies
Analyze the impacts of racial disparities as well as of Africana agency on the micro-, medial-, and macro-levels of society
Design a research project using at least two different research tools
Apply knowledge and academic resources using key concepts, theories and methodologies of Africana Studies, to themes of inequality, struggle and justice.

Subtotal: 15 

AFR 140 Introduction to Africana Studies 
AFR 150 Origins of Contemporary Africa 
AFR 270 History of African American Social and Intellectual Thought 
AFR 310 Research Seminar in African American Studies 
AFR 410 Independent Study

Select two Subtotal: 6 

AFR 227 Introduction to Community-based Approaches to Justice 
AFR 229 Restorative Justice: Making Peace and Resolving Conflict 
AFR 237 Institutional Racism
AFR 347/PSY 347 Psychology of Oppression (requires PSY 101 or AFR 129/PSY 129, and PSY 221 or any 200-level AFR course) 
AFR 248 Men: Masculinities in the United State
AFR 267/HIS 267/LLS 267 History of Caribbean Migrations to the United States 
AFR 315 Practicing Community-based Justice in the Africana World 
AFR 322 Inequality and Wealth (requires STA 250; and AFR 123 or AFR 125 or ECO 101 or SOC 101 or GEN 101)
AFR 3XX Revolutionary Thought in Contemporary Africa
AFR 340/LIT 340 The African American Experience in America: Comparative Racial Perspectives 
LIT 344 Caribbean Literature and Culture 
HJS 310 Comparative Perspectives on Justice (*requires HJS 250 and junior standing)
AFR 354/PHI 354 Africana Philosophy
AFR 3XX Africana Identities

Total: 21