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Here you will find links to articles and information that can help enhance your classroom experience as well as provide tips for how to engage students for their success.

A Guide to Teaching and Faculty Life at John Jay

Below you will find links to resources on a variety of teaching, technological, and classroom management topics:

Effective Teaching Strategies

    Midterm Evaluations 

    Midterm Evaluation Sample 
    Reacting to the Past

    Grading Participation

    Teaching Large Classes

    Teaching Unprepared Students

    Note-taking Skills

Effective Classroom Management

    Three Keys to Effective Classroom Management

    Advice for First Day of Class

    Too Rigid or Too Flexible Balancing your Classroom

Philosophy of Teaching 

10 'Best Practices' for Serving First-Generation Students

    Remembering Our Mission to Teach

Faculty Development

    A New Kind of Study Seeks to Quantify Educational Quality

    Start with the Syllabus

    Vincent Tinto, "Focus student success efforts on what happens in the classroom"