Latin American and Latina/o Studies (BA)

The Latin American and Latina/o Studies major draws on various social science disciplines, such as sociology, political science, anthropology and economics, as well as on disciplines in the humanities, including history, literature and the arts. By integrating these varied disciplines in the LLS courses, this major is designed to ensure that students will have both a comprehensive foundational and interdisciplinary knowledge of Latin American and Latina/o Studies and a specialization in either Latin American Studies or Latina/o Studies.

Learning outcomes. Students will:

• Understand the interdisciplinary nature of the study of Latin America and of Latina/o communities in the U.S.
• Integrate the fields of Latin American Studies and Latina/o Studies to develop a deep understanding of the relationship between the social, economic, cultural, and political processes of Latin America and the development in the U.S. of communities of persons of Latin American origin or descent.
• Grasp the relationship between the lives of individuals and the course of history, how one’s life intersects with larger social, political, and economic forces.
• Appreciate the history of Latin America and that of Latina/os in the U.S. as they struggle for justice and human dignity in the face of persistent structures of injustice, inequality, and the abuse of power.
• Think critically and evaluate contrasting texts, narratives, and discourses relevant to the diverse cultures of Latin America and U.S. Latina/o communities.
• Carry out a research project (fieldwork-based or library-based) that includes formulating and justifying a research question, collecting and analyzing data, and articulating conclusions.
• Communicate research results in various formats, including written and oral presentation.
• Possess cultural competency, the ability to work successfully in a variety of culturally diverse settings and to analyze, contextualize and interpret culture/cultural behaviors and beliefs.

Coordinator. Professor Jose Luis Morin, (Department of Latin American and Latina/o Studies) (212-393-6481,

Credits required: 33 - 37 credits   Four Year Academic Plan

PART ONE. Required Core Courses                    Subtotal:12 credits

LLS 124 Latina/os in the United States
LLS 1XX Introduction to Latin American History
LLS 242/HIS 242/POL 242 U.S. Foreign Policy in Latin America
LLS 322 Latino Struggles for Civil Rights and Social Justice

PART TWO. Research Methods                           Subtotal: 3 credits

LLS 3XX Research Methods in Latin American and Latina/o Studies

PART THREE. Study Abroad, Fieldwork, or Independent Research
3-4 credits
Required, Select one option:

a. Study Abroad in Latin America (3 credits will be earned from the
course offered as part of the study abroad program)

b. LLS 321 Puerto Rican/Latina/o Community Fieldwork (4 credits)

c. LLS 489 Independent Research Project (3 credits)

PART FOUR. Electives                                         Subtotal: 12 credits
Students must choose a track and select three courses. In the other track, students must select one course. At least six credits must be taken at the 300-level or above.

Track A: Latin America

LLS 110/MUS 110 Popular Musics of the Caribbean
LLS 215 Social and Political Developments in Contemporary Puerto Rico 
LLS 220 Human Rights and the Law in Latin America 
LLS 232 Comparative Perspectives on Crime in the Caribbean 
LLS 223 Revolution and Social Change in Latin American Literature and the Arts
LLS 245 Dominican Society and Identity 
LLS 250 Drugs, Crime and Law in Latin America 
LLS 255 Latin American Woman in Global Society
LLS 260/HIS 260 History of Contemporary Cuba
LLS 261/HIS 261 Revolution and Social Change in Contemporary Latin America
LLS 263/AFR 263/HIS 263 Blacks in Latin America
LLS 2XX Latin American Cultures
LLS 2XX Indigenous Latin America 
LLS 341 Immigrant Rights in the Americas 
LLS 343 Race and Citizenship in the Americas 
LLS 356 Terror and Transitional Justice in Latin America

Track B: U.S. Latina/os

LLS 217/SPA 217/DRA 217 Theater of the Americas Since 1960 
LLS 241 Latino/as and US Cities
LLS 247 Growing Up Latina/o: From the 1940s to the Present 
LLS 267 History of Caribbean Migrations in the United States
LLS 2XX Public Health Policy in the Americas 
LLS 325 The Latina/o Experience of Criminal Justice 
LLS 362 Entangled Tongues: Bilingualism in US Latina/o Literature 
LLS 363 Il/legal Subjects: U.S. Latina/o Literature and the Law 
LLS 364 Ethical Strains in Latina/o Literature
LLS 3XX Latina/os and the Digital Divide
LLS 3XX The U.S.- Mexico Border 
LLS 401 Gender, Race, Ethnicity & the U.S. Legal System.

PART FIVE. Capstone Experience                           Subtotal: 3 credits

LLS 4XX Senior Seminar in Latin American and Latina/o Studies

PART SIX. LLS Honors Option                                Subtotal: 0-3 credits

LLS 489 Independent Honors Project
NOTE: Students must qualify for the Honors in LLS to enroll in LLS 489 Independent Honors Project.

Total: 33-37 Credits