Permit Courses

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A permit course is a course taken at another college for which students receive credit at John Jay College. Students must adhere to the permit guidelines and follow the approval process described below.

John Jay College Permit Guidelines
Students who wish to take a course on permit must be currently enrolled as matriculated students and have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. Students who have stop(s) on their record (e.g. Bursar's, Financial Aid, Library, etc.) will not be considered for a permit until their stop(s) have been cleared.

Transfer students may not take a course on permit until they have completed at least one semester at John Jay and have posted grades.

Readmitted students may not take courses on permit the same semester they are readmitted.

Students who have completed 60 credits or more may not attend a community college on permit.

Students may take elective courses or general education requirement courses on permit. Major requirement courses are allowed on permit only with approval from the department chairperson.

If a permit is approved and the course(s) are closed or cancelled, the student must bring a letter from the Registrar's Office of the host college as proof that the student did not register. If, after having been approved to take a course on permit, the student opts not to take the course, the student must notify in writing the Office of the Registrar at John Jay College.

Undergraduate forensic science majors seeking a permit for science courses must obtain written approval from the chairperson of the Department of Sciences before the permit is considered.

A permit does NOT guarantee a student a seat in the class that he or she wants to attend.

Approval to Take Courses on Permit at Other CUNY Colleges
The City University of New York has put in place an e-Permit system designed to help students find, get approval for and register for courses at other CUNY colleges. Through e-Permit, students can file an online request and it will be processed online. Students are kept informed of the progress of their permit request throughout the approval process. If a request is rejected, a student will be notified electronically of the reason for the disapproval. To access e-Permit, students should go to the CUNY homepage ( and click the "Log In" button at the left. Once on the University homepage, students initially will have to register for a Portal ID and Password, by clicking on "Register" and following the directions. Once registered and logged in, students will find themselves on their own "My Page," which has a link to the e-Permit system prominently displayed.

Through the e-Permit website, students can find listings and descriptions of courses at all CUNY colleges. The CUNY online schedule of classes is accessible through the e-Permit site. It is the student's responsibility to find out whether a selected course is being offered in that semester, whether it fits into the student's schedule, and whether seats are still available. Students are required to use the e-Permit application on the e-Permit website ( for all CUNY permit courses. Please note that students are required to submit one e-Permit application for each course they wish to take on permit.

Once the permit is approved to another CUNY institution, the credits will be posted to the student's tuition bill. Payment must be made in full at the Bursar's Office of John Jay College before a student can register at the host institution.

All notifications are e-mailed directly to the student's home college e-mail address. All grades (A to WU) of courses taken on permit at CUNY colleges will be posted to the student's record and computed into his or her overall grade point average. Students receiving a failing grade (WU, F) for a course taken on permit will not benefit from the CUNY F-grade policy.

Approval to Take Courses on Permit at Non-CUNY Colleges
All students seeking a permit to a non-CUNY institution must make an appointment to see the permit coordinator at the Office of the Registrar, 646.781.5081. Students must bring to the appointment a copy of the most recent college catalog of the institution they plan to attend. The catalog must have course descriptions of the classes.

Students planning to take courses on permit at a non-CUNY educational institution while enrolled at John Jay College must obtain permission via a paper permit in advance from the Office of the Registrar. Guidelines are available at the Office of the Registrar or by visiting the Registrar's Office site on the College's home page.

Permits to non-CUNY Institutions require that payment be made at the host institution. Students will be liable for the tuition rate of the college they plan to attend outside the CUNY system.

Students are responsible for arranging to have an official transcript sent from the host institution to John Jay College.