Credit for Prior Learning

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Michael Rohdin
Director of Operations

Simone Schultz
Prior Learning Assistant

Save time and money by earning credit for what you already know. 

John Jay College recognizes that college-level learning takes place in many different settings, not just in the classroom. Many adult students come to John Jay with knowledge they have acquired through work experience, military service, training programs, volunteer service, cultural and artistic pursuits, hobbies, community work, religious activities, and many other sources. 

There are several ways for you to get credit for prior learning.The method(s) you choose will depend on the subject area and how you acquired the knowledge.

Prior Learning Seminar

John Jay offers a 3-credit elective course to help you develop a portfolio to demonstrate your prior learning. Your portfolio will be evaluated by subject-matter experts who will make recommendations about awarding of additional credit. There is no charge for any additional credits awarded. Department  permission is required. Click the apply button to the right to download an application form.

Credit by Exam

John Jay awards credit for passing scores on a variety of standardized exams, such as CLEP exams. Click here for more information.

Pre-evaluated programs

Pre-evaluated programs are training programs sponsored by the military, police and fire academies, and other employers for which the number and type of credits to be awarded have already been determined. Contact the prior learning coordinator at to find out if your program has been evaluated.