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Grade of F
F grade is used for students who have been doing unsatisfactory work and who resign from a course after the tenth week of the semester.  (For the exact date in any given semester, please see “Last Day to Resign Without Academic Penalty” in the Academic Calendar on the John Jay website:  This grade may also be awarded for excessive absences, or for very unsatisfactory work, or for student withdrawal without official approval.  The grade of F on the graduate level cannot be eliminated by retaking the course and remains permanently a part of the student’s grade point average.  However, if the F grade was received for a required course, the student must retake the course.

Grade of INC (Incomplete)
INC is given in lieu of a grade only in exceptional circumstances for students who have been doing satisfactory work and have been unable to complete course requirements.  Students who receive an Incomplete must fulfill their academic obligation within one calendar year of the end of the semester in which the grade of Incomplete is given.  In extraordinary circumstances and with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies or the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management, the time limit may be extended one additional year.  Incompletes unresolved in the above-mentioned time period become permanent entries in students’ records as an Incomplete (no-credit) and may not be changed thereafter.  A maximum of three grades of Incomplete may be converted to regular grades during the course of a student’s enrollment in graduate studies at John Jay College.  In rare circumstances, more than three grades of Incomplete may be converted to regular grades with the approval of the Dean of Graduate Studies or the Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management.

Incomplete grades, which are not resolved within the above-mentioned time period, become permanent Incompletes.  Such grades will not be counted in the student grade point average.  No credit is awarded for Incompletes that have not been appropriately resolved.

Grade of W (Withdrawal)
This grade indicates withdrawal with permission of the Registrar while students are doing satisfactory work.  Normally this can be done only through the tenth week of the semester.  This withdrawal is without academic prejudice.

Graduate students who receive loans or other forms of federal financial assistance should check with the Office of Student Financial Assistance before withdrawing from courses.

Pass/Fail Option
Graduate students taking undergraduate courses to remedy deficiencies, such as STA 250 or PSY 311, may take them on a pass/fail basis.  Application for the Pass/Fail Option must be made at the Office of the Registrar before the conclusion of the second week of classes or at the end of the first week of classes in Summer Session.  Once granted, this option is irrevocable.  Grades received for a Pass/Fail Option are not computed in the grade point average.