MSRC Hosted Workshops

MSRC Hosted Workshops


These small group workshops hosted by the Math & Science Resource Center (MSRC) will reinforce the concepts you need to master to do your best on your Chemistry exams. Sign up for one of each topic.

RSVP to secure your seat: TutorTrac  (select “MSRC Workshops” as Center), in person at the MSRC (1.94 NB), via email or Tel 646‐557‐4635. Seating is limited.

Workshop 1: Significant Figures
This workshop will help you better understand the importance of significant figures, how to identify the number of significant figures a value has, and the uncertainty in a reported value. Students who attend will gain hands on practice of converting values into significant figure format and scientific notation, as well as converting values into significant figures after completing arithmetic calculations.
M 9/9/19 @ 2PM Rm 3.76NB
M 9/9/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB
T 9/10/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB
T 9/10/19 @ 3PM MSRC 1.94NB
W 9/11/19 @ 5PM MSRC 1.94NB
TH 9/12/19 @ 3PM MSRC 1.94NB
M 9/16/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB

Workshop 2: Unit Conversions
This workshop will focus on converting units from one form to another.  A technique called dimensional analysis will be focused on which helps track the units as they move from one form to another. Students will be able to practice Metric unit conversions, Imperial unit conversions, and others such as time. 
W 9/11/19 @ 3PM MSRC 1.94NB
TH 9/12/19 @ 4PM MSRC 1.94NB
F 9/13/19 @ 2PM Rm 3.76NB
F 9/13/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB
M 9/16/19 @ 2PM Rm 3.76NB
T 9/17/19 @ 3PM MSRC 1.94NB

Workshop 3: Algebra in Chemistry
The focus of this workshop is to increase students’ mastery of algebraic word problems.  Working with a facilitator, attendees will look at chemistry practice problems to determine the equations within, and what the corresponding variables mean. They will then match the appropriate equation to the related problem and solve the problems with the information provided.
T 9/17/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB
W 9/18/19 @ 5PM MSRC 1.94NB
F 9/20/19 @ 3PM MSRC 1.94NB
M 9/23/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB
T 9/24/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB
W 9/25/19 @ 2PM Rm 3.76NB
TH 9/26/19 @ 3PM MSRC 1.94NB
F 9/27/19 @ 2PM Rm 8.67NB 

Workshop 4: Naming Ionic Compounds, Molecular Compounds, and Acids
This workshop will focus on reviewing the concept of molecular versus ionic compounds, then going over the naming techniques for each type. Students will go through practice examples with the facilitator using the nomenclature reference chart to assist at first.
M 9/23/19 @ 2PM Rm 3.76NB
T 9/24/19 @ 3PM MSRC 1.94NB
W 9/25/19 @ 5PM MSRC 1.94NB
TH 9/26/19 @ 5PM MSRC 1.94NB
F 9/27/19 @ 2PM Rm 3.76NB