Acceleration Tuition Assistance Program FAQ

Acceleration Tuition Assistance Program FAQ

Acceleration Tuition Assistance Program FAQ

Program Enrollment and Eligibility

How do you enroll for this program?
Eligible students are emailed directly with information on how to apply. If you did not receive an email, you can inquire about a waitlist by emailing or check the Acceleration webpage for an interest form application to complete

Who is eligible to apply?

  • Eligibility is dependent on funding. Presently, the Acceleration Program is open to currently enrolled John Jay undergrads who have been impacted by COVID-19; who are projected to earn less than 30 credits for the academic year; or need to repeat a targeted gen-ed course.
  • Students eligible for other tuition assistance funds in the summer (such as ACE /CUSP/Edge) are not eligible for the Acceleration Program.
  • First Responders/Veterans who would be negatively impacted by receiving outside tuition assitance may not be eligible.



What are the program requirements?

  • Complete an interest form for the intersession(summer/winter) of interest.
  • Attend an info session to learn more about the program.
  • Enroll in an undergraduate course at John Jay for the intersession (Summer/Winter).
  • Complete an academic planning session for the intersession and upcoming semester.
  • Receive a letter grade (A – F) for your Acceleration course.
  • Attend a minimum of 2 workshops/tutoring appointments for your Acceleration course.
  • Enroll full-time for the following semester at John Jay (unless graduating).


Is there anything that will prevent me from receiving tuition assistance?

  • Students who receive any grade of W (W/WU/WA/WN/WD) will not receive a tuition assistance from Acceleration.
  • Not fulfilling all program requirements may make students ineligible to receive tuition assistance.


How will we be informed about workshops and tutoring? 

  • Students will receive regular email updates from the Acceleration Program’s Momentum Team. Correspondence will go to your John Jay email, so make sure to check it regularly.
  • Students are also enrolled in a Blackboard organization for Acceleration. The Blackboard Organization will contain announcement updates, links to asynchronous workshops, and information on how to access tutoring. 


Will changing majors affect my ability to be a part of the program?
No, change major will not impact your ability to be a part of the Acceleration Program. Change of major forms can be submitted to Jay Express by email. 

Classes Options and Registration

What are my options for classes?
Students have the option to take courses offered at John Jay in any summer/winter session that complete their degree requirements. Check CUNYFirst for course availability.

Will all classes be online during the summer/winter?
Availability of online classes changes semester to semester. Check the course offerings and course modality to know if your class is in-person, hybrid, or fully online.

What days do intersession (summer/winter) classes take place?
The number of days an interseesion class runs depends on the number of weeks the course is scheduled for. Students should expect that courses taken in a shorter time period (3-weeks or 5-weeks) will meet more frequently. Check the course information in CUNYFirst to know what days and times a class is meeting (for synchronous online, in-person, and hybrid course), or if a class is online-asynchronous.

When am I able to register for summer/winter courses? 
The academic calendar will list the start date for registration.

How many classes can I take as part of the Acceleration Program?

  • The Acceleration Program will provide tuition assistance for one class per student.
  • If students are interested in taking additional courses during the summer they can do so at their own expense. 

Do study abroad courses qualify for this program?
Unfortunately, not. Qualifying courses must take place at John Jay College.  

Can I take a class at another college?
ePermit courses do not qualify for this program. Only those courses offered by John Jay College qualify.

What are the courses available to take this summer/winter?
The college has websites for both summer and winter once registration opens. Check those websites, and click on the “Schedule of Classes” tab. 

Coverage of Tuition Costs


How is the tuition assistance applied to my tuition?
The tuition assistance provided by this program are last dollar in funds.  This means any financial aid awards for the summer/winter will first be applied to your course tuition costs, and then the tuition assistance funds will cover any leftover bill amounts for a single course.

What does tuition assistance cover?

  • In the summer, Acceleration tuition covers both the credit cost and normal fees of summer tuition.
  • In the winter, there are no separate fees, so Acceleration tuition covers just the credit cost of winter tuition.
  • Check the Bursar's Tuition and Fee Schedule to see current costs per credit and fees.


What does tuition assistance NOT cover?
Course textbooks, homework programs, late fees, and program change fees are not covered by Acceleration tuition assistance.

Financial Aid Application Process


How do I file for financial aid?

  • Check out the college’s financial aid website for information on the different types of financial assistance, and updates on application deadlines.
  • The FAFSA and TAP applications can be filled out by going to the FAFSA website. The application for the upcoming academic year opens October 1st. 


Is there a deadline to complete my FAFSA and TAP applications?
The priority deadlines for the FAFSA application is April 30. The sooner you complete your financial aid application, the better.

Is there a separate application for summer financial aid?
No, there is not a separate application.  The FAFSA application is for the entire academic year, including summer.

Is there a separate application for winter financial aid?

Unfortunately, there is usually not separate aid for winter. If you do receive any aid, the original FAFSA application you complete for the academic year would also include winter.

Can I register for classes if I have filed my FAFSA and have been chosen for verification? 

  • Yes, you should still be able to participate in the Acceleration Program. 
  • Verification documents can be emailed to Jay Express ( Make sure the copies are legible. PDF would be preferred to images.


I do not qualify for financial aid, am I still able to enroll in the Acceleration Program?
Financial aid ineligibility alone does not disqualify you from being eligible for tuition assistance. Please contact the Acceleration Program at to speak with someone from the Momentum Team about your options.

Will using financial aid in the summer/winter impact the amount I receive in the fall semester?

  • No, your financial aid allotment for summer is separate from the regular academic semester, and there is usually not separate aid for winter. 
  • The only way your funds for future semesters may be affected is if you have acquired a number of W/F grades, and are no longer making academic progress to graduate in four years.
  • You can contact the Financial Aid Office ( to verify if your financial aid allotment for the regular academic semester would be impacted by taking a course in the summer. 


Tuition Assistance Payment Process

​When will tuition assistance funds be submitted for payment?
Eligible students are submitted to the Bursar for tuition assistance payment processing after grades for the course are posted to CUNYFirst and program requirements have been verified. This can take approximately 2 weeks from the end of the class session. 

How long will it take for the payments to show on my CUNYFirst account?
Once eligible student lists have been received by the Bursar’s Office, it can take approximately 2 months from the end of the summer/winter semester to process.