Accommodations Policies

Accommodations Policies

Travel Policies - Accommodations

Travelers must secure room rates that are within the per diem requirements for domestic and international travel.    THE RF-CUNY will reimburse rates above the per diem rate when the traveler stays at a conference approved hotel*.

Hotel Per Diem Rates:

  • All travelers must provide an itemized receipt for hotel accommodations as well as proof of payment in order to be reimbursed.
  • The per diem rate is the room rate before taxes.
  • The per diem rate is per person NOT per room.  Therefore, if the per diem rate is $100 and two colleagues share a room, THE RF-CUNY will reimburse for a room up to $200.
  • If the nightly rates vary but the average nightly rate is equal to or less than the per diem nightly rate, THE RF-CUNY will allow higher rates.
  • For example, the per diem rate for the destination city is US $113 per night.   The hotel charges $99 for nights #1-3 ($297) and $150 for night #4 for a four-night total of $447.  Divide $447 by four nights and the average nightly rate is $111.75 which under the per diem rate of $113.


Conference Hotels:

*Travelers may stay at hotel(s) associated with the conference even if the hotels’ rates are above the US Government per diem.  To ensure reimbursement, the traveler must submit proof that the hotel was conference approved.  Such documents include:

  • A letter from the conference organizers naming the hotel
  • A copy of the conference web page naming the hotel
  • The conference booklet cover naming the hotel as conference host


Airbnb and Priceline/Expedia type services:

  • Hotel checkout statements are required as proof of stay if claiming lodging, even if the hotel was paid for through a third-party website like Expedia (or using per diem).