Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

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The John Jay College Now (CN) program is designed to meet the diverse academic needs and interests of high school students.  Admission requirements vary depending on the course or activity.  Students need to have a good high school attendance record and be recommended to the program by their CN liaison. Please note that only students who attend NYC public high schools, are registered homeschooled students, and are students with disabilities whose private school tuition is supported by the DOE can participate in College Now.

1-Credit Course Eligibility 
     *English Regents score between  55-74
     *High school average 70+ 

3-Credit Course Eligibility 
     * ACT English 20+ OR 
     * ELA Regents 75+ OR 
     * SAT Reading and Writing Section 480+ OR
     * PSAT Reading and Writing Section 480+ Juniors (11th grade) OR
     * English Average 85+ Juniors (11th grade)-Fall ONLY

Mathematics 105 Eligibility
     * ACT Math 21+ OR
     * SAT/PSAT Math Section 530+ OR
     * New York State Regents Algebra I OR Geometry 70+ OR  Algebra II 65

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