Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


The John Jay CN program is designed to meet the diverse academic needs and interests of high school students.  Admission requirements vary depending on the program and type of course.  It is important for students to have a good high school attendance record and be recommended to the program by their CN liaison.  Please note that College Now participation is restricted to students registered with the NYCDOE, including registered home-schooled students and students with disabilities whose private school tuition or disability services are supported by the NYCDOE.

1-Credit Course Eligibility: 
     *English Regents score between  55-74
     *High school average (min. 70) 

3-Credit Course Eligibility
     * ACT English (min. 20) copy required or
     * SAT Reading/Writing Section (min. 480) copy required or
English Language Arts (ELA) Regents (min. 75) or 
English Average (min. 85) Juniors - Fall ONLY

Mathematics 105 Eligibility
     * ACT Math (min. 21) or
     * SAT Math (min. 530) or
     * New York State Regents:
Common Core:
                           * Algebra 1 or Geometry (min. 
70) or
                           * Algebra 2 or Trigonometry (min. 65)

* All students enrolling in the CN program are required to submit a copy of their high school transcript.
* Also, students using their ACT, or SAT Scores must provide the proper documentation.

Waiver Course Eligibility
The prerequisite for a waiver course is a grade of B or better in a cohort course. Seats are limited to 5 per semester.